• HOLIDAY GIFT SPECIAL - NATURALLY ANTIBACTERIAL AND BREATHABLE BAMBOO KEEPS YOUR SWADDLED BABY SAFE - The anti-bacterial qualities of bamboo will reduce germs and smells and should baby’s mouth get covered the weave of the fabric is loose enough to allow breathing, but tight enough for a fresh fabric look and strength.

  • SUPER SOFT AND EXTRA STRONG EASY CARE FABRIC SAVES YOU TIME AND MONEY WITH NO SHRINKAGE, COLOR RUNS OR LINT- These muslin blankets are 70% Bamboo for an unbeatable softness that your children will love and 30% Cotton to give long lasting strength. Any parent knows that when babies arrive the laundry takes over your life so we wanted these to be easy to wash and quick drying. The more you wash (you can tumble dry) the softer they become.

  • THESE CUTE MUSLINS ARE MULTI-USE AND WILL SAVE YOUR SHOULDERS FROM CARRYING ALL THAT BABY STUFF - We know that everything going into the changing bag needs to have at least 2 uses and these swaddles can be used in so many ways- a Nursing Cover (they are light and breathable), a burp cloth, a shade to keep off the sun while baby is in her stroller or as a play/changing mat to keep him off the grubby floor! The perfect essential baby all-rounder

  • EXTRA LARGE BLANKETS MEANS THAT THEY WON’T BE OUTGROWN ANY TIME SOON WITH MANY YEARS OF USE. We have developed this market-beating fabric to ensure that they last you for ages and will be a loved as your child grows. Many toddlers fall in love with and have a favorite character as they make perfect snuggles or security blankets. If you ask kindly, they may let it be passed down to future sibling!

  • GOOD FOR MOM, GOOD FOR BABY AND GOOD FOR THE PLANET. Our bamboo fibre is processed mechanically whereas other manufacturers are required to label their bamboo as ‘rayon’ or ‘bamboo rayon’ because they extract the bamboo fibres chemically. We have a much lower impact on the environment and the mechanical process produces softness that can’t be matched. Have you tried Ziggy Baby, Aden Annais, Cuddlebug, Margaux & May? You will see just how good ours are!


    These Essentially Baby prestige soft baby muslins are the essential baby item for parents who want safe and beautiful swaddles and do less washing! These Blankets are Premium because they are 70% Super Soft Breathable Bamboo- most swaddles on the market are cotton and do not have the natural anti-bacterial and super-softness qualities of bamboo

    Hugely versatile and perfect for all babies they act as a blanket, swaddle, sun shade for strollers and car seats, burp cloth, breastfeeding scarf, changing mat, bath towel and so much more….!

    As the baby gets older they will continue to love them (we all know that kids just love a ‘snuggle’!) and they are great to have around just to quickly clear up any mess. Washed on a cool cycle they get softer as they get older meaning your baby will continue to enjoy its snuggly warm blanket. Baby is protected by the Bamboo fibers that are naturally anti-bacterial and the Organic Cotton adds super strength to the muslins whilst retaining the super softness of the Bamboo. These swaddles are perfect for babies and will last wash after wash whilst getting softer and softer

    Let your child make friends with our colourful characters, George the Giraffe, Ellie the Elephant, Bertie the Bee and Maisie the Monkey. Super cute friends for a super cute baby.

    Here's the bit for the mum's; Every parent knows that baby's create a lot of mess be it vomit or poop or just milk and that unless you want to be doing even more washing then you need at least 1 baby swaddle or muslin per day. Whilst these come in packs of 4 we know you will need more. So we have created a special offer just for you - a big saving when you buy 2 or more packs of these bamboo baby swaddles. You won't regret it - it will mean less washing every day!

    Bamboo Baby Swaddle Receiving Blankets – Super Soft and Cool- Keep Infant Safe Natural Anti-Bacterial Breathable Bamboo Muslin Easy Care Burp Cloth Baby Shower Gift (3 XLarge- 47"x47") - B01MD0P8V4

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    Bamboo Baby Swaddle Receiving Blankets – Super Soft and Cool- Keep Infant Safe Natural Anti-Bacterial Breathable Bamboo Muslin Easy Care Burp Cloth Baby Shower Gift (3 XLarge- 47"x47") - B01MD0P8V4

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